Red wine,
& Ginger

A New Taste of Italy

Italian Tradition
of an Ancient
Perfume of Spices

Frabè was born from a childhood memory, when my father added red wine with strawberries and sugar
that my mother prepared on Sunday to delight the palate.
So thinking about them and those moments of family harmony, I started to develop a recipe
that combined this Piemontese tradition with the scents of ancient spices and aromatic plants.


The Chef Ugo Incerti

He was born in Turin in Italy in 1969. In 1985 he began his career as a chef in the most prestigious restaurants in the city including "Il Cambio", "I Birilli", "La Barrique". He had experience abroad and he is an appreciated chef in Europe and China. In Piazza Vittorio in Turin Italy, near the river Po, there was born the Frabè. Last but not least, he is currently a Coven's Personal Chef.

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